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I'm Bob the bus driver as you please to be nice in javplus my first story of my encounter with javplus Margaret, a smart passenger I met one of my trips to Spain in order to to you about what happened next. tell We text message each other a few times after our first meeting in our tour of Spain, and said it would be nice if we could meet, but never to do this action, I thought this elegant lady was a bit out of my league. was late September and I did one of my recent European tour this season, now would be little time before Christmas I was only javplus a collection point on this trip, and I was in Euston Station. Imagine my surprise when I load the luggage n hear a familiar voice behind me, noble, of course, was Marg chic, as I called. She was with Len and Babs, some of his friends, probably javplus in his last fifty years that were just good friends and were here to share hotel rooms to save on travel moneyHe said, were perhaps a bit with the truth, I think. Marg gave me a kiss on the cheek with a smile and a promise of better later, when all my people on board, sailed from Dover and the ferry nice and early for a change. on the ferry that was to his friends, who had been told clearly about our previous trip together and he told me how excited Marg when she returned, and was committed to going on holiday with them over the years introduced. on javplus the way back to the bus, I whispered to wait until later to see if you can, what I have for you, I could not wait. We arrived at our first hotel on the outskirts of Paris at night, while all my pasenger went to dinner I went to a nearby cafe for coffee and people watching when I was back to the hotel I'm waiting Marg in the entrance hall, kisses and hugs, she invited me to his room. in his room, went out of her dress revealing, he said he was in me, a black lace bra, whI barely covered her nipples, perfect little black panties, a black garter belt and stockings, instant erection for me. We were soon retired to bed with her ​​bra and panties, kisses, I soon found myself deep into her wet pussy with her panting and moaning as he reached javplus his climax, flooded me with my sperm. We woke up early in the morning and had a good javplus session to go before I had to change and see the bed as he slept, was javplus in After a stop in Lyon, we have at our hotel in Blanes, Spain, where determined that Marg and his friends had come in a family room with three beds, not his friends were happy, but Marg had nothing against him, he had decided that she was sleeping in my room and I was certainly not complaining. This evening after dinner we sat down to talk, as the wine flowed by them and the Coca -Cola for me were much more open to the talk turned out that both were divorced Marg, as I knew it had never been married, she Boyfrie hadfor he had sex with them, had never left her as she describes her feelings, so technicaly it was a virgin when I first saw it. They talked and laughed about sexual positions, fingering masturbation, and toys that he had done, obviously. That night I was surprised once again under her dress, until she was naked in stockings and Sussie belt, we had a night of passion, trying different positions until he fell asleep. The next morning I returned to the coach to prepare for the next few days, Marg returned to his room to find his friends as he described what had happened to them. were together for the rest of the tour, made ​​my job very nice, very bad asn't each job so well.
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